Snubber Protection, Clamping, Commutation

CDE is a leading manufacturer of snubber protection capacitors, clamping capacitors, and commutation capacitors, including the R-, S-, TP-, P-, and T-Series capacitors.

R-Series Capacitors Family

R-Series Capacitors

CDE’s R-Series is a unique family of capacitor product that exhibits superior performance with high current and high frequency applications.   By utilizing low inductance internal constructions, optional molded resin cases, […]

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S-Series Capacitors Family

S-Series Capacitors

S-Series Capacitors NWL’s S–Series capacitors are a simple economic package for a variety of uses. With standard sizes of drawn metal housings to choose from, this oil filled or dry […]

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TP Series Capacitors

TP-Series Capacitors

TP-Series Capacitors NWL’s TP-Series capacitors are the ideal low voltage, high frequency, AC resonant capacitor solution. The low induction terminals allow for low resistant connections to printed circuit boards (PCBs) […]

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P-Series Capacitors Family

P-Series Capacitors

P-Series Capacitors NWL’s P-Series capacitors have a unique insulating plastic case package. This package can be modified to provide insulated mounting structures with no need for metal brackets in assembly. […]

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T-Series Capacitors Family

T-Series Capacitors

T-Series Capacitors NWL’s T-Series capacitors are DC filter, DC pulse capacitors that offer a customized package approach with a variety of preferred termination options. By utilizing in-house standard dielectric film […]

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